Become a General Manager

Showcase your team to the world

Who can be a General Manager

If you are a super fan, parent, coach, athletic director, player or just crazy about your team you should be a general manager. General Manager isn't some super official title, it means you care. And if you care, then you probably want to take advantage of our special set of GM features.

Promotional Outreach

  • Use our automated tools to give your team that professional look
  • Post to your social media to draw more fans
  • Build a fan base and let the power of the crowd take over

Customize your Look

  • Upload your team's mascot picture
  • Setup Team Twitter Handles
  • Link to the official website for your team
  • Custom background image on your team page

Game Management

  • Gain access to power user tools
  • Additional privileges to manage your team
  • Manage all your teams in real-time on the game manager

Utilize our Powerful Network

Showcase your team on the pages of some of the biggest names in the sports and entertainment world. Just another outlet for fan growth in addition to becoming a powerhouse in the ScoreStream community and having easy tools to outreaching to other social media.

A Quote that Sums it Up

We have had student groups request doing video/audio streaming in the past and we've struggled with figuring out how to do it in a quality way. Our Athletic departments have also been worried that streaming would cut into attendance. This seems to be a great solution offering not just scores, but the ability to share the environment and provide commentary in a way that if anything, makes people wish they were at the game.

Brian Fitzgerald
Lincoln Public Schools
Lincoln, Nebraska