Frequently Asked Questions

Where do your games and scores come from?

Anyone can score and schedule games in ScoreStream. Our model is what is called “crowd sourcing,” a phenomenon facilitated by today’s digital age. It allows us to have scores nationwide in upwards of 10,000 games on a good weekend. Anyone can provide scores and users work together. Fans, coaches, parents, students, and media companies are all examples of users who make up our “crowd” and work together.

How do you know your scores are accurate?

We have powerful tools and algorithms built around verifying score information from users. Power users and good users out rank lesser experienced users when a conflict over score arises. Troublemakers are given blackball status rendering them effectively null throughout the system.

What if a game is cancelled, rescheduled, or otherwise inaccurate?

General Managers and other power users are able to “manage” games. They are able to remove games and change times. Regular users should contact feedback@scorestream.com with any relevant information.

What does it mean to be a General Manager?

A General Manager is a champion for that team. They gain special administrative access and tools that regular users do not receive. They also gain access to updating their team’s profile page. A General Manager can be anyone as long as they are there to support their team. General Managers should aspire to be active regular users for ScoreStream. If you are interested in becoming a general manager, click here to learn more.

Where are all your statistics?

We are focused on our platform providing a destination to find scores for your team and talk about it. Whether it be high school, college, professional, or pee wee sports we do it all. We aspire for the game to be destination for rich conversation and sharing. Share cool photos from the game, fans, mascots. Cheer for your team. If statistics are your bag, make a post in the game and share that with other fans. Since chatting is open and non-restrictive the conversation can be about anything.

When I score a game, who can I share it with?

Games are shared with all users! Users interact with ScoreStream through the our website as well as our Android and iPhone apps. Another way to share scores is by embedding a scoreboard widget right on your own site. Updates are automatic. You can configure it in many different ways.