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Sports Graphics

Dozens of customizable templates with dynamic scores, mascots, logos and more are all pulled from the ScoreStream servers in realtime.

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Jumbo Scoreboard Overlay
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Shoot, Enhance, Share

Capture the play on your camera and then capture the moment by enhancing it with our sports graphics. Make sure the importance of that winning play is preserved for all time. Share your final product to multiple social networks, our graphics ensure better engagement from your audience.

SportFX Studio


SportFX is part of the ScoreStream app. We embedded our mobile version directly into the same ScoreStream app you know and love. Perfect for when you are at the game posting that great realtime content.

SportFX Mobile Football


SportFX Studio is our standalone application available for free download on either Windows or Mac. It unlocks even more features including splicing videos, adding background music, animating your pictures to create engaging videos and more. Download from the Mac App Store or the Windows App Store if you prefer.

SportFX Studio on iMac

Empower your Content

Power of crowd sourced data
Harness the power of being one of many. The ScoreStream ecosystem has thousands of games scored every week by fans just like you.
Templates and Effects
Scoreboards, spotlights, slow-mo, instant replay, game day preview, player cards, player highlights, player stats, schedules, music and more!
Publishing integration
Integration into multiple social networks makes it as easy as possible for you to broadcast to your audience.
Dynamic, real-time data
Scores, mascots, colors, logos, arenas, and more are all pulled from the ScoreStream servers. Making your graphics as easy to build as possible.
Any League, Any Team
High school, college, youth, any level of play. We are the sports video editor for whichever team you love.
Multiple Platforms
SportFX is integrated into the ScoreStream app which is on both iOS and Android. SportFX studio is available for both Windows and Mac.
Pictures & Videos
SportFX is both a sports picture editor and a video editor. In SportFX Studio turn pictures into videos to create animated slide shows.
Free Graphics Editor
SportFX Studio is free. SportFX in the ScoreStream app is free.
SportFX Logo
Seriously enjoying SportFX. Painless to make GREAT looking schedules for the teams, scoreboard graphics and promo animations. Already posted several to various social media channels to thunderous applause from parents and athletes. Excited to see what I can come up with after our first basketball game on Saturday. Nothing else like it on the market.