ScoreStream for High Schools, Club Sports, Leagues, and Colleges
Empower Your Fans
ScoreStream has a mobile app, scoreboard widgets, and a suite of online tools that provide teams with everything they need to share their most important moments with their fans.

Sports are real-time, fans want updates real-time, and ScoreStream gives you real-time.

Scoring updates happen immediately, instant play-by-play commentary, real-time conversations, and professional photos right from the mobile app.
Easy Website Integration
Scores can be posted straight from the ScoreStream app directly to your own website with our easy to use copy-and-paste scoreboard widgets.

Customize your own teams, colors, sizes, style, and layout

Try the Scoreboard Widget Creator right now.
Score Once, Distribute Everywhere
Sound familiar : Type out a post in Twitter, change status on Facebook, update your website....Too many different sites, different apps, too little time.

ScoreStream streamlines the process with direct integration with Twitter, Facebook, and our scoreboard widgets. Scoreboards stay up to date in real-time, and with a couple of clicks you can post to all your favorite social media sites.

Quick toggles allow you get to pick which scoring updates and which pictures go where.
Score Text Generator
Tired of typing out the same scoring updates over and over?

ScoreStream solves this by automatically generating your score update for you. Start typing your message and ScoreStream will automatically shrink / grow your score update to fit your available space.

Must have feature for anyone using Twitter.
Make your Photos Awesome
Pictures are king, so make your pictures stand out with Scorestream's photo filters and customizable score overlays.

You don't have to wait to get home to add score overlays to your photos, you can do it all in the ScoreStream app and publish straight to your social media sites.
Built for Multiple Sports
The mobile app has quick scoring options for all supported sports, and is built from the ground up to make sure scoring your sport is as easy and possible.

Currently the app supports Football, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse, Rugby, and Water Polo with more sports coming.
Complete Game Recap
Every game, score, post, and photo sent using Scorestream gets saved online for later viewing.

If any fans missed your updates real-time, they can always visit the ScoreStream website on their desktop or the mobile app for a full game recap.